Beurrier breton “classique” .The french butter dish, handmade with porcelain clay.

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Beurrier breton en porcelaine blanche avec oiseau bleu et inscription le beurrier breton ( grand modèle) ou le petit breton ( petit modèle)

Garder le beurre en une consistance tartinable, à la température de la
pièce, sans qu'il ne rancisse, voilà la mission du beurrier breton.

1-Mettre le beurre à l'aide d'une cuiller de bois,dans le couvercle.
2- Remplir le contenant d'eau fraîche, ajoutez une pincée de sel, le
beurre doit être immergé dans l'eau
3-Remettre le couvercle sur son contenant.
4-Changer l'eau tous les 3 jours, selon la température.
(tous les jours de l'été)
Si vous partez pour une durée indéterminé, enlevez l'eau et
mettez votre beurrier au frigo.
Large: 11 cm x 10.5 cm approx.
Small: 8.5 cm x 9.5 cm

The Fresh butter dish, one of our most popular products, is a must for butter lovers.

Our Fresh butter dishes are available in several different collections. Two sizes are offered. The small contains the equivalent of 4 ounces of butter and the largest contains about 8 ounces.

The interest of the Fresh butter dish is that it keeps the butter at room temperature, without it rancid and offers you a consistency spreadable.

Large: 11 cm x 10.5 cm approx. for 8 ounces of butter
Small: 8.5 cm x 9.5 cm for 4 ounces of butter

Instruction to keep the butter:
1. Put the butter in the lid with a wooden spoon;
2. Fill the container with fresh water (butter must be submerged in the water) and add a pinch of salt;
3. Replace the lid on its container;
4. Change the water every 3 days; summer every day.
If you leave the house for an indefinite period, remove the water and put your butter dish in the fridge.

Our Breton butter dishes are delivered with an instruction card.

Made of porcelain and turned by hand in Quebec.
Its patterns are composed of ceramic pigment that will never fade, because they are cooked under the glaze.
Dishwasher safe

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