Ceramic Garlic and Ginger Grater Dish. Your perfect garlic lover gift!

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Your gift for a chef! Ceramic Garlic and Ginger Grater Dish. Your perfect garlic lover gift! Makes a nice dipping dish and a great vinaigrette bowl

Nice pouring bowl with grater on the inside to puree garlic and ginger.
Assemble the vinaigrette in the same bowl.
Perfect to make garlic butter in the microwave.
Scrape your garlic, butter and put in the microwave.
Make your Marinade and salad dressings easy and fast
No need for a toothpick to unclog the conventional garlic press.
Garlic is reduced in cream, you will need less.

Definition: Grattouille : (2000; pronounced "grah-TOO-yeh"; from the French "gratter" and "touiller").
Small groove-bottomed pot with lightly flared sides and small spout. Container used to grate garlic
or ginger before combining them with liquid ingredients to make a vinaigrette.

Its motif is made of a silk-screened decal in our workshop. This decal is composed of ceramic pigment, which means that it will never fade because it is cooked under the glaze.
Turned by hand and made of porcelain.
Dishwasher safe and microwave safe.
Dimension: 13 cm approx.

Come and look at our short video on the grattouille on vimeo

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With the center of Le gratouille, rub your garlic and your ginger
to make a purée, add oil, soy sauce, syrup
maple and a hint of cayenne pepper.
Marinate your pork in the mixture, 1 hour and cook on the BBQ.
Enjoy your meal!


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